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Sony Sound Forge 9 0c Serial Number




The SDS-CD200 becomes a turnkey projector when activated by turning on the SDS. Sound quality is consistently high, even in projection mode. Useful Information Other Resources The SDS-CD200 is an open project that is currently in the process of being developed. At this time we can give you only basic technical information on this projector, and we cannot guarantee that the unit is completely free from faults. At the time of writing this manual, we have no information on future models of the SDS-CD200. Front Panel The SDS-CD200 is a standard projectors with a pair of CCD (charge coupled device) sensors (TGA03-12) on the front panel. The contrast of the images that can be produced by the SDS-CD200 are based on the brightness of the light source. Images viewed on the SDS-CD200 are black and white, so the brightness of the light source used must be high enough to make the picture distinct. The best choice of light source is one with a light level of 1000 Lux or more. System Operation The SDS-CD200 is designed to allow easy operation by a single person. It has an intuitive menu system, and all the necessary functions are displayed on the large display panel. The SDS-CD200 uses the same menus as the SDS-SC30, SDS-SC100, SDS-SC150, SDS-SC180, and SDS-SC200. To begin the system operation, simply press the POWER key. (The POWER key is located on the left side of the screen.) Press the REPLAY key to enter the menu. You can use the camera and tape functions to select menu items, or you can use the remote control and MOS switch for the same purpose. ON OFF *+ B *- R M * MENU MENU MENU MEN




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Sony Sound Forge 9 0c Serial Number

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